We have lots of room for Tuesday/Thursday daytime private lessons and group classes. Please reach out to us to discuss scheduling your lesson today.

Group Piano

Group Piano

Ages 6+

Starting January 2019!

Classes Monday/Tuesday at 4:00, 5:00 or 6:00PM & Thursday at 4:00PM 

  • 60 Minute Classes 
  • $125/Month

This group class of 4 students combines fun group activities (theory, ensemble playing) with individual privat lesson time. Accepting Beginner - Advanced students. 

Classes taught by Kathryn Thomas, Elaine Simmons Colbert and Jacqueline Savoie.

Preschool Piano

Ages 3-5

Starting January 2019!


Classes are Wednesdays at 4:00PM


  • 45 Minute Classes
  • $125 


This 6 week group class is from 1/9/19 - 2/13/19. Preschool Piano is designed to introduce young beginners to keyboard basics - layout of the keys, musical alphabet, pitch and rhythm, and very basic notation. This is a great class if you want to see if your child is "ready" for piano. 


Early Primary Vocal Ensemble

Kindergarten - 1st grade

Starting January 2019!

Classes are Thursdays at 5:00PM

  • $80/month

This group vocal ensemble class is a nurturing musical experience in listening, singing, playing and performing. Taught by Elaine Simmons Colbert. 

Elementary Vocal Ensemble

2nd - 5th grade

Starting January 2019!

Classes are Thursdays at 6:00PM

  • $80/month

This group vocal ensemble develops natural vocal technique through specially guided singing activities, game-songs and part singing. Taught by Elaine Simmons Colbert. 

Mommy and Me Piano

Ages 1-2
Call for private scheduling and availability.

This parent/child class meets once a week for 45 minutes in our group/performance space. The teacher will lead the class in sing along style with simple, familiar melodies and rhythms. They will have freedom to explore various instruments, including the piano, while learning finger numbers and singing the musical alphabet. It's fun and exciting to help our students meet musical milestones!

Missed class policy - students may attend another class day/time to make up any missed classes.

Private Piano Lessons

Interview required - please call The Studio to schedule

Private Lessons are scheduled on a day/time agreed upon by the student and teacher

Private lessons are 30 min, 45 min or 60 min. They are perfect for intermediate/advanced students who want specialized attention, students working toward competitions or special performances, and special needs students who would prefer private lessons to a group setting.

$30 per 30 min lesson
$45 per 45 min lesson
$60 per 60 min lesson